Special Educational Needs

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) is Mrs Jane Torrance, Assistant Headteacher: Inclusion, Engagement and SENCo. Mrs Torrance has had SENCo experience since September 1997 and can be contacted on the school phone number: 01942 814122.

At Westhoughton High School we LEARN:

Look after each other
Enjoy our school
Aim high
Respect each other
Never stop learning

As a community committed to Learning, we believe that:

All students have skills, talents and abilities and as a school we have a responsibility to develop these to the full. We believe that:

All students are entitled to a relevant and worthwhile education designed to enable individual students to participate fully in society and to contribute to and benefit from it.

Students who have special educational needs and/or disabilities should be supported wherever necessary to achieve full access to the whole-school curriculum. This will need to be facilitated through a range of interventions including skilled staff, specialist equipment and resources.

Students should have special programmes designed to maximise opportunities for independent living in preparation for life after school, including preparation for work or continuing education. Students should leave school with the basic literacy and numeracy skills to equip them for adult life.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Information Report SEN Policy