Assembly Themes

At Westhoughton High School, we aim to have a consistent approach to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development within assemblies and form time. Our spiritual, moral and social development is demonstrated through our LEARN ethos.

Spiritual development should be seen throughout the way our students display:

  • Their personal beliefs, which may include their religious beliefs • their ability to communicate these beliefs in discussion and through their behaviour
  • Their willingness to reflect on experiences and to look for meanings in these experiences
  • Their sense of wonder as they become more conscious of the deeper meanings of the world around them and their personal experiences.

Moral development should be seen by the extent to which students display:

  •  Respect and understanding of the difference between right and wrong
  •  British values and respect for the person and property of themselves and others
  •  a respect for the truth
  •  The ability to make responsible and thoughtful judgements on moral issues
  •  Their own moral behaviour

Social development should be seen through:

  •  The quality of relationships in school – between fellow students and between staff and students. Visitors often comment on this ‘family’ feel
  •  The ability for everyone to behave responsibly and use their initiative
  •  The ability we all have to work successfully and co-operatively with one another, in small groups and the school community as a whole
  •  The growing understanding of society, the family, the school, local and wider community which our student possess
  • Working together in our school and the basic structures and working processes which enable all these systems to function effectively

Cultural development is seen by the extent to which students:

  •  Widen their knowledge, understanding, personal interest and experiences through the school
  •  Students access different aspects of the curriculum and their participation in a wide range of cultural activities
  •  Have an understanding of cultural diversity within society