Teaching Staff


Mr P J Hart

Deputy Headteachers 

Ms J Bach (Learning & Achievement & Teacher of English)

Mrs C Edgar (Bfl, Safety & Engagement & Teacher of RSV)

Assistant Headteachers

Mrs C Holmes (Impact of Teaching, Learning & Assessment & Teacher of History)

Mrs J Torrance (Inclusion, Engagement & SEND & Teacher of English)

Mrs A Spence (Impact of Leadership & Teacher of English)

Mrs C Burton (Curriculum, Data & Resources & Teacher of Science)

Mr M Parkinson (Engagement, Progress & Intervention & Teacher of RSV)

Mr C Dignam (Engagement, Progress & Intervention & Teacher of PE)

Associate Assistant Headteachers

Dr C Atherton (Leader of Learning Mathematics)

Miss K Gough (PD & Character & Leader of Learning Performing Arts)

Mr D Riley (Leader of Learning Geography)

Miss H Smith (Leader of Learning Science)


Design Technology

Mrs A Turner (Leader of Learning - Technology)

Mrs C Priest

Mr A Whittle

Miss C Atkins


Mrs L Powell-Roden (Leader of Learning - Art)

Miss J McDowell


Miss K Gough (Leader of Learning - PA)

English Faculty

Mrs J Hongkins (Leader of Learning - English)

Mrs O Ball (Assistant Leader of Learning – KS4)

Miss N Chance (Assistant Leader of Learning – KS3)

Ms J Bach

Mrs K E McIntyre

Miss H Raynerd

Mrs S Hornby

Miss A Hetherington

Mrs J Torrance

Miss N Tyson

Mrs S Spence

Miss E Marron


Mr D Riley (Leader of Learning – Geography)

Mr J Ryall

Miss H Fleming

Mrs R Wild


Mr A Butler (Leader of Learning - History)

Miss H Fitzgerald

Mr S Gill

Mrs C Holmes

ICT & Computing

Mr D Slater (Leader of Learning & E-Safety)

Mrs C Dignam

Mathematics Faculty

Dr C Atherton (Leader of Learning - Mathematics) 

Mr P Meek (Assistant Leader of Learning)

Miss J Murphy - (Assistant Leader of Learning)

Miss V Harrison

Miss H Hewitt

Miss J Shea

Mr C Goldsmith

Miss T Watson

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs J Nuttall (Leader of Learning - MFL)

Miss C Price-Jones

Miss K Bibby

Physical Education

Mr C Dignam

Miss K Quinn (Leader of Learning – PE)

Mr L Barwise

Mrs J Prince


Mr M Webster (Leader of Learning - RSV)

Mr M Parkinson

Mrs C Edgar

Science Faculty

Miss H Smith (Leader of Learning – Science)

Mrs C Burton

Dr S Hale (Assistant Leader of Learning – KS4)

Mrs R Nassau (Assistant Leader of Learning – KS3)

Mrs E Shepherd

Mrs L Wharton

Mr D Freeman

Mr T Foster

Student Progress Leaders

Mr C Dignam (Years 10 & 11)

Mr M Parkinson (Transition & Year 7, 8 & 9)

Leader of Learning – Careers & Progression

Mr S Gill