From Monday 20th April, we are changing the way we teach your son/daughter at home. We will be using Microsoft Teams as our new ‘virtual school’ allowing us to direct learning and communicate with students more clearly. Please visit the News page for more information

Teaching Staff


Mr P J Hart 

Deputy Headteachers

Director of Quality of Education: Teaching, Learning and Assessment - Miss C Cronin
Director of Student Wellbeing and Engagement - Mrs C Unsworth

Assistant Headteachers

Curriculum, Data and Assessment - Mrs C Burton
Engagement, Progress and Intervention: KS4 - Mr C Dignam
Impact of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Development - Mrs C Holmes
Engagement, Progress and Intervention: KS3 - Mr M Parkinson
Quality Assurance and Developing School Leadership - Mrs A Spence
Inclusion, Engagement, SEND and CLA Designated Teacher - Mrs J Torrance

Associate Assistant Headteachers

Leader of Learning: Maths - Dr C Atherton
Leader of Learning: Performing Arts and Music - Miss K Gough
Leader of Learning: Geography - Mr D Riley
Leader of Learning: Science - Miss H Smith



Mrs L Powell-Roden (Leader of Learning)
Miss J McDowell 

Business and Enterprise

Mrs C Dignam (Leader of Learning)


Mr D Slater (Leader of Learning & E-Safety)
Mrs C Dignam

Design Technology

Mrs A Turner (Leader of Learning) *Maternity leave
Mrs C Priest (Acting Leader of Learning)
Miss C Atkins
Mrs M Arrowsmith (Maternity Cover)
Mr A Whittle


Mrs O Ball (Acting Leader of Learning English & KS4)
Mrs L Eccles (Acting Leader of Learning English Literature)
Ms N Chance (Assistant Leader of Learning KS3)
Miss C Cronin (Deputy Headteacher)
Miss A Hetherington
Mrs S Hornby *Maternity Leave
Miss L Lonsdale
Ms E Marron
Mr J Newby (Maternity Cover)  
Mr P Pritchard (Temporary post)
Ms H Raynerd
Mrs A Spence
Miss N Tyson
Ms S Vara


Mr D Riley (Leader of Learning)
Miss H Fleming
Mrs K Newton
Mr J Ryall
Mrs C Unsworth (Deputy Headteacher)
Mrs R Wild


Mr A Butler (Leader of Learning)
Miss H Fitzgerald
Miss E Harris
Mrs C Holmes
Mr R Worrall 

Mathematics Faculty

Dr C Atherton (Leader of Learning)
Mrs T Bradley
Mrs H Croxen
Miss S Dawson
Miss M Evason
Miss V Harrison
Miss H Hewitt
Mrs E Joyce (Assistant Leader of Learning)
Dr D McNamara
Miss J Murphy (Assistant Leader of Learning)
Miss T Watson 

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs J Nuttall (Leader of Learning)
Mr A Kerr
Mrs C Jones
Mrs H Rawson (Temporary Post) 

Performing Arts

Miss K Gough (Leader of Learning, PA)
Mrs R Jacobs (PA/Music)

Physical Education

Mrs J Prince (Leader of Learning)
Mr L Barwise 
Mr C Dignam 
Mrs V Fleming 
Mr M Hancock 
Mrs J Torrance   

Religion, Society and Wellbeing

Mr M Webster (Leader of Learning)
Mr J Downs
Miss H Hill
Mr M Parkinson

Science Faculty

Mrs H Smith (Leader of Learning)
Mrs C Burton
Miss A M Edgar (Assistant Leader of Learning: Physics, maternity cover)
Mr T Foster
Mr D Freeman (Assistant Leader of Learning: Biology)
Dr S Hale (Assistant Leader of Learning: Chemistry)
Miss L Miah
Mrs R Nassau (Assistant Leader of Learning: Physics) *Maternity Leave
Mrs K Oldfield
Miss S Parry
Mrs B Royle (Temporary Post)
Mrs E Shepherd
Mrs L Wharton


Mr C Dignam
Mrs A Suter

D of E Award Scheme

Mr L Jones
Mr P Cartwright