In Art our students learn to explore creative concepts and communicate original ideas in their pieces. They will have the chance to work with traditional and new media, from ink and paints to Photoshop and CAD to develop their imagination and confidence as artists.

With the help of an experienced team of staff, our students learn to appreciate and value images and artifacts from different eras and cultures and seek to understand the contexts in which they were made. We have two well-equipped art studios in the school.

Key Stage 3

From Years 7 to 9 our students have the opportunity to explore lots of different styles, techniques and skills within the curriculum eg. printmaking, illustration, painting, 3D mask making and photography.

Staff employ a range of learning techniques to inspire students and help them have fun in lessons and regularly organise artist workshops and trips to galleries to help students experience the wider world of art and design.

Key Stage 4

We offer GCSE Art and Design at KS4 for students who chose Art as an option subject. Staff spend much of Year 10 embedding independent learning skills, so that in Year 11 students can explore and develop their own ideas and interests in a medium of their own choice.
Creative students are encouraged to look at the work of artists and designers from around the world for inspiration. The course is assessed via portfolio and controlled assessment. Final pieces created for assessment are displayed in an annual exhibition along with many other local schools at Bolton University. This is open to all parents and carers and is always a highlight of our creative calendar.