Religion, Society and Values

The Religion, Society and Values department is responsible for delivering Religious Education to all students in all year groups through 1 hour a week of subject time delivered by experienced staff in dedicated teaching rooms.

Whether our students are religious or not, our approach enables them to explore their own beliefs and challenges them to critically evaluate their top 3 inches as a human being; to understand where their thoughts, words, actions, habits and values come from.

We also understand that our students need to be equipped to make sense of living in a confusing world where the global is increasingly affecting the local. Therefore, we believe that religious literacy is essential to understanding and articulating the history, politics, law and ethics associated with both engaging with and tackling some of society’s biggest problems. Consequently, students study the essence of the 6 major world religions but further progress their understanding of Christianity and Islam so that students can better understand our regional, national and global demographic.

The RSV department is also responsible for delivering national curriculum Citizenship and leading on our school’s SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) programme. These strands are threaded through the delivery of Religious Education to develop a more holistic understanding of Religion, Society and Values. Where the delivery of Citizenship or SRE needs to be more explicit we also deliver more bespoke ‘Society’ units, independent research homework projects and dedicated drop down days; where we work with a range of outside agencies to support, extend and enrich our delivery.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7, students take on the role of aliens who have arrived in the Northwest of England to research and explore what makes an Earthling a human being and what beliefs and practices connect Christian communities and Muslim communities as the two most followed religions in the UK. Finally, our alien friends will explore the shared beliefs, values, structures and systems in the UK,

The theme for Year 8 is ‘From East to West’ and students will explore in more detail the 4 remaining ‘Eastern’ religions and how they have influenced citizens in the UK and beyond. These religions will also be compared with Christianity through units exploring ‘compassion’ and ‘human rights’.

In Year 9 students will focus on burning philosophical questions like is there a God or afterlife and challenging ethical questions such as is it ever right to kill. Students will explore these themes by evaluating a range of different Christian, Islamic and non-religious responses to them. Students will also look at money matters, family life, relationships and sex and risk in more depth.

Key Stage 4

In Year 10 and 11 students can currently study GCSE Citizenship or GCSE Religious Studies as one of their option choices. Any student who does not choose one of these subjects will still have one hour a week of Religion, Society and Values, which builds upon the ethical and philosophical approaches that were introduced in Year 9 whilst also exploring the challenges and opportunities of post 16 life.

Extra-Curricular / Student Councils

The Religion, Society and Values department also facilitates the school’s two Student Councils. With two representatives democratically elected from each form, the Junior Council (7&8) and Senior Council (9&10) will each be supported by a Year 11 Head Boy and Head Girl. Together they will work with their form groups, year groups and wider student body to lead active citizenship projects such as campaigning, charity work and community projects as well as regularly meeting with school decision makers in order to conduct student voice research to support our school improvement.