Online Learning Year 10

Online Learning: Topics and Weekly Overview for January-February 2021

Year 10

As a school community, we want to ensure that we are being as transparent as possible with our learning content and intentions so that we reduce any potential of students falling behind. The information on this document is a compilation of each subject within Year 10, with an overview of the lesson content for each week. This is a rough guide and some lessons may spill over into the next week, but we wanted to put this together so that any ‘missed’ work can be caught up on via our SharePoint page, with a clear idea as to the lesson content. Additionally, from parent feedback, having an overview or a schedule of learning was deemed useful to aid discussions of learning at home, or where possible, provide additional support with learning at home. We appreciate that for our Year 10 overview is lengthier, but it details each option that we currently run between our W band and H band cohort in Year 10. Please identify the options that your child has taken, alongside our English, Maths and Science curriculum content too (unless your child has chosen Triple Science as an option, whereby this would be referred to, not the traditional Science curriculum).

Online Learning Year 10 WHS Sharepoint page link below: