In September 2019 you will enter Year 10 and a new and exciting educational phase of life. These two years will provide you with the qualifications you need to progress onto courses at college, 6th form, apprenticeships or other training and education courses; qualifications which are valued by employers now and in the future.

Every student has a core curriculum at the centre of their learning. This is the compulsory element of the timetable. The core curriculum occupies the largest part of your school week and incorporates those subjects valued most highly for progression: English, Maths and Science.

You will also need to consider which optional subjects to choose; which will bring you success, which will you enjoy doing, which will inspire you and influence your future career? It is vital that you take courses that lead you to the right level of qualification for your ability, aptitude and future needs.

Please see our Course Information Booklet Below.

Course Information Booklet 2019