School Synergy Student Portal

School Synergy is the new system where you can access messages, your timetable, behaviour data and your homework – and so can your parents/carers!

It is an online system – you need to access it via a computer or your mobile. Apps are coming soon!

Open the WHS Student Portal

You need to login using your school user name (Initial/surname/3 numbers eg JBach007) and password. You will then see your student portal page. Homework is listed on the left.

Click on the homework for more details, including the due date.

School Synergy @WHS
  • If you don’t know your school username and password, speak to your computing teacher OR call in at the IT office and ask.
  • Computers are available in the Library, in the Learning Centre and in A3 so there are no excuses for not being able to access School Synergy
  • Bulletin notices about future events and trips will also be available on your student portal so you need to check it regularly.
  • Your parents can access your information so they can see what homework has been set and they also get notification if you acquire consequences in lessons such as C3 and detentions.
  • There will be further updates on School Synergy as new features are added

Log in to the Student Portal