LEARN Programme

The Tutor Time LEARN Programme is aimed at supporting our desire to ensure that all our students become well-rounded, open-minded individuals through a personal development curriculum. We want them to have a secure awareness and understanding of their own identity and a deep appreciation and respect for others; locally, nationally, and globally; ready to become reflective citizens of the future.

Our LEARN ethos underpins all that we do and through our inclusive practice we want to pledge accessible opportunities for all, ensuring that everyone is valued and accepted for their individual attributes and that there is equity and equality in recognition and reward; creating a genuine sense of belonging, where NO individual is missed.

To this end, our Tutor Time Learn Programme offers a wide range of assemblies and activities that address all aspects of inclusion, diversity and equality including additional literacy and numeracy opportunities as we recognise the need for students to secure and develop these skills. Through this programme, students have the opportunity to listen, consider and debate; learning to value quality discussion. They are encouraged to share their own thoughts and beliefs based on a wide range of resources, whilst learning to appreciate the views of others, and which offer opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth.

The Equality Act 2010 and the nine protected characteristics has formed the platform from which we will develop our inclusive practice in our intent to wipe out discrimination and prejudice in our school. We aim to raise awareness and foster recognition and acceptance of everyone in our school, creating an inclusive-rich community which encapsulates our diversity.