At Westhoughton High School we offer our students the opportunity to study Science via a mix of practical experiences, theoretical teaching, experimentation and discussion in lessons.

Science lessons are taught in 8 laboratories which are designed for practical investigations and collaborative activities. Students are given the opportunity to discuss and evaluate Science based issues, learn how scientific ideas contribute to technological change and develop an awareness of scientific phenomena.

Key Stage 3

In Years 7 - 9 students receive three hours of Science tutoring each week, covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These subjects are taught via a thematic approach enabling students to link ideas with real life situations. Some of the topics covered include:

The solar system, forces and motion, light and sound, micro-organisms and nasty diseases, energy and electricity, the periodic table, chemical reactions everyday, genetics and life processes.

Key Stage 4

As a core subject all students must take Science at GCSE however they can choose to take up to three qualifications:

  • Core and Additional Science – two GCSEs
  • Core and Additional Applied Science pathway – two GCSEs
  • Separate Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics (a triple award which students select as an option) – three GCSEs

Most students will follow the double award course leading to two GCSE's in Science. The teaching for the first GCSE (Core Science) is started during Year 9 and completed in Year 10 whilst the second (Additional Science or Additional Applied Science) is taught in Year 11. Each course is made up of modules taught over five periods per week. Students are assessed through two examinations and will also complete controlled assessments in class for each GCSE studied.

Some students will study the three sciences over seven periods a week, and will be taught by a subject specialist. The course is taught and assessed through modules in each subject and leads to three GCSE's in Science.

The examinations for all pathways are sat by students at the end of year 11, with the controlled assessments for each GCSE being completed throughout year 10 and 11.