Year 7 Transition 2023

You will receive an email from to allow you to complete our online transition paperwork. Please register for an account using the temporary password provided and complete the online information. If you do not receive an email from us, (please check your SPAM folder), please contact school on 01942 814122.

Key Information

  • Tuesday 4th July 2023 – Transition Information Evening for Parents/Carers
  • Wednesday 5th July 2023 – Transition day for Year 6 students

We have put together key information on this page if your child is starting with us in September. This page is for you and your child. Please see the links below that has our Student Welcome Booklet to share with your child, there is also a Transition Activity booklet for your child. We have also included letters from our current Year 7 and 8, FAQS and our new Transition video for you to view.

  • Parents/Carers will receive Synergy registration portal codes once the students have started in September.
  • ParentPay registration details will be sent out over the summer holidays so Parents/Carers can set up an account ready for lunches, any student who is entitled to FSM will also get their allowance ready set up on their account for September.

If you address has changed since filing out your secondary application form in the autumn, please email your new address to:


Students starting Year 7 in 2023 will have the Blue Stripe on their tie. Please visit our Uniform page for full details of our school Uniform.

“Our school is ambitious for its students, proud of its past and confident about its future.”

Transition Video

Year 6 Questions and Answers

Am I allowed to use my phone in school?

In some lessons you may be asked to do some work on your phone. You are able to use your phone at break and lunch. Sensible use only, anyone taking photos or videos may have their phone confiscated. There is no need to call home during the day, if you have any problems or feel ill, please see you Student Support leader or go to Student reception where staff can help you.

I am worried because I do not know what it will be like, have you any advice?

Being nervous about high school is normal and many pupils feel like this. The best advice is to be yourself, most pupils settle in very quickly.

What happens if I get lost?

If you do get lost firstly don’t panic, then ask any member of staff orpupil you see for help. If no one is around go to either the studentreception desk or the SSL/SPL office and we will help you get to where you need to be.

What happens if I miss the bus after school?

If you miss the bus, firstly check on the bus timetable to see what time your bus is coming as generally there may be a bus coming soon. If you do not know how to do this go back into school and go tostudent reception where the office staff will gladly help you or anymember of staff.

What happens if I get bullied by older students?

Bullying is something at Westhoughton that is taken very seriously, if you do feel like any student is being unkind to you, go to yourSSL/SPL straight away.

I am worried that I will not be able to make new friends, have you any advice?

Firstly, a lot of pupils feel this way about starting high school, but after meeting their form they generally make friends straight away. The main advice I would suggest is to be yourself and treat others how you would like to be treated.

How long does it take roughly for students to feel confident finding their way around school?

Most pupils become confident finding their way around school very quickly, it really is much easier than you think!

Do you have a big library and if so, how does it work in terms of visitors?

Yes, pupils are allowed in at break and dinner time, we also havebreakfast clubs in there and it will be available some days after school (See the extra-curricular timetable for all the info).

Do you provide lots of trips?

Oh yes, as a school we offer so many trips both abroad and trips around the country, keep a close eye on messages from teachers and your form tutor regarding these trips.

Can you give me an idea about the clubs you offer?

The school offers a massive variety of clubs, Sports, Drama, Music, Art, Technology, Cooking, Maths, English, Science, French clubs and much more.

What is my planner needed for?

Your planner is used so much in high school, it will help youbecome organised with every aspect of school life. It needs to be signed every week by parents so they can see what homework is to be done and how they can help and support you. It is a communication tool for both staff and parents to use.

Letters from our present Year 7