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Psychology is one of our newest GCSE options to join the curriculum within our KS4 curriculum, introduced in September 2020. As a school we believe in the power of the psychological curriculum to create self-awareness in our learners, creating an understanding of themselves whilst also increasing their ability to understand others. Through the study of psychological theories, research and infamous thinkers, we believe students understand their place in society to a greater extent through a curriculum that normalises differences and embraces the scientific understanding of the human nature. Within Psychology, students learn the process of learning, its development alongside the process of memory and therefore this only complements wider studies of Mathematics, Science and English requiring a solid understanding in each of these fields to process psychological thinking. We intend, that through the study of Psychology, our students grow in critical thinking, analysis and an understanding of how to analyse information presented but also to understand how information is generated in society, questioning ethics, validity and reliability. We wish our students to understand the contribution of Psychology to individual, social and cultural diversity, understanding the relationship between Psychology and personal, moral, social and cultural issues, developing our students’ own ethical principles in order to become reflective thinkers who can develop arguments and draw conclusions in a critical and scientific manner.

Please see parental overview of the course in KS4 below:

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