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Year 9

Year 9 Options 2024

Please view our Options presentation here and our Options booklet here

Optional choices are:

At least ONE from:

  • Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics)
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Geography
  • History
  • Computer Science

 And 2 others (can include any from the above list) from:

  • Art & Design: Art, Craft & Design GCSE*
  • Art & Design: Photography GCSE
  • Art & Design: 3D Design GCSE*
  • Art & Design: Textiles GCSE*
  • Creative Media Production (BTEC Tech Award)
  • Enterprise (BTEC Tech Award)
  • Food and Nutrition GCSE
  • Health & Social Care (BTEC Tech Award)
  • Music GCSE
  • Performing Arts: Drama (BTEC Tech Award)
  • Psychology GCSE
  • Sport Qualification (either Sports Studies: OCR National Certificate or GCSE PE)**
  • Travel and Tourism (BTEC Tech Award)

*Please note these subjects cannot be studied together (choose one only)

** The PE Team will advise and agree which is the best sport qualification for you to follow to achieve the best outcome for you. Further communication will follow to discuss which course is most appropriate after the preferences have been received.

Knowledge Organisers

English: Autumn Spring Summer
Through the looking glass at the upside down Fighting to make the world a better place I know why the caged bird signs
Maths: Autumn Half Term 1 Autumn Half Term 2 Spring Half Term 1 Spring Half Term 2 Summer Half Term 1 Summer Half Term 2
Foundation Numbers Numbers, Shape, Ratio Shape Measures Graphs Averages & Statistics
Higher Numbers Shape and Ratio Shape Measures Graphs Statistics
Computers: Autumn Half Term 1 Autumn Half Term 2 Autumn Half Term 2 /Spring Half Term 1 Spring Half Term 1/ Summer Half Term 1 Summer Half Term 2
We teach year 9 about the social and legal consequences, using case studies. We discuss:
  • Digital footprint
  • Think before you send
  • Where they can go for help
  • Statistics about bullying

We go through the Amanda Todd story about online photos and information being shared. There are no knowledge organisers for these as it is a refresher each year for online safety.

Spreadsheets How computers work Photopea Python Privacy and Surveillance
MFL: 1 2 3 4
French KO 1 KO 2 KO 3 KO4
Spanish KO 1 KO 2 KO 3 KO 4
Geography: Autumn Spring Summer
Restless Earth Our Developing World On Thick Ice
History: 1 2 3 4
Dictators Turning points of WW2 Holocaust Civil Rights
Science: 1 2 3 4
Cells Atomic Structure Energy