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Welcome to our school. I am privileged to be the Headteacher at Westhoughton High School. I have been in post since September 2021. This is a school with exceptional character and warmth, that you can sense even as you walk down our drive. A school that sits at the heart of the community because community matters to us here. It is my vision that during the time of my Headship this school will continue to grow to be a truly inclusive and restorative organisation that strives to meet the needs of every individual. We are a diverse community of over 1500 students and staff who have built a school centered around excellent relationships and the desire to bring our very best each day. The LEARN values that fly on the flags at the front of our school really mean something here. We genuinely do follow these five core values to ensure that students and staff have the chance to thrive in our school.

Look after each other

Enjoy school

Aim High

Respect each other, ourselves and our school community

Never stop learning

The role of a Headteacher is a challenging one and whilst I take the lead on finance, resources, leadership and culture the very best part of my day is spent working with our young people and our incredible staff team. I try to lead the school through decision making that is based on good sense, to do that effectively we work openly with parents, staff, the community and our students. I want everyone to enjoy learning here – staff and students alike. We are by no means perfect and aim to constantly improve in all that we do. We are committed to being the best that we can be – that’s what it means to wear our school badge.

Our school badge places WHS at the heart of the community, flanked by the cow’s head (Keawyed) and the Pretoria Pit Wheel. These symbols that are crucial to our history and culture signify thinking differently, hard work and pulling together as a community when times are hard. A great recipe for a school.  Our website gives a flavour of our school, but the only way to really get a sense of what our school is about is to visit us. You will be warmly welcomed.

Mr N S Coe

“A school that sits the heart of the community because community really matters to us here”

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