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Art and Photography

We strive to provide interesting and fascinating classes that leave a lasting impression on our pupils, instilling curiosity, enthusiasm, and a passion for the subject so that they never stop learning, even at home! We want our students to be exposed to fresh and fascinating artwork from around the world, to watch artists at work, designers creating unique businesses, and craftspeople developing their careers in the art world. We aim to inspire students to constantly aim high and become the best Artists, Designers, and Photographers by providing an interesting, motivating, and demanding curriculum that gives them the confidence, knowledge, and abilities to experiment, invent, and create their own works of art.

We challenge students to think, behave, and communicate like art professionals. We accomplish this by teaching students how to become visually literate, which means they can read, interpret, and discover meaning in signs, symbols, codes, and norms while also exploring and reshaping them in their own work. Students engage in all three disciplines of Art, Craft, and Design, and are given the opportunity to develop their cultural capital, become aware of work-related learning, and gain an understanding of art timelines through examples of historical art and design.

We promote cultural celebration, upstander behaviour, and the love of diversity. Our projects encompass the theme of ‘looking after each other’ through compassion and kindness, which is central to our school values. We want our students to depart with a diverse set of skills, including the capacity to think creatively, be autonomous learners, competent self-managers, and team members. Students that are prepared to take risks and keep an open mind to new ideas and practices while remaining responsible citizens who respect one another, themselves, and our school community! Most importantly, we want our learners to appreciate all types of art and to enjoy their school!

Please see parental overview of the courses in KS3 and KS4 below.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Links for Support/ Help at Home

  • Use of student resources located within WHS SharePoint for students
  • Resources posted to teams and social media platforms
  • Gallery Visits/Attend artist workshops
  • Knowledge organisers
  • Use of YouTube tutorials
  • Participating in enrichment opportunities and clubs (in school and out of school)
  • Research and discussion topic themes