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ParentPay is an online payment system and has been our preferred payment method for school meals for some time. It has recently been extended and it can now be used to pay for trips, visits and extra-curricular activities in addition to the existing cashless catering system used in the canteen.

Using your credit or debit card and the secure ParentPay website funds can be quickly and easily transferred to us at any time of the day or night.

The system has several useful features such as real-time payments, electronic receipts, online statements and the option to receive email or text message reminders when your son/ daughter’s account is running low of funds.

If you do not have regular access to a computer or the internet at home payments can be made through PayPoint (please notify us if you wish to use PayPoint, the first payment card is free of charge).

All parents/ carers have been issued with a ParentPay username and password, if you have forgotten yours please contact the main school office to request a new one. Visit the ParentPay website by clicking here