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Physical Education

Within Physical Education at Westhoughton, our aim is for our students to develop a passion for sport through opportunities to become physically confident, opportunities to develop the skills and character needed to participate in competitive sport and the creation of habits that make our students life-long health and fitness learners. Our aim is to ensure that the character and qualities that are built – and taught – through sport such as equality, equity, resilience, confidence and respect are transferred to their character beyond the classroom. This is achieved by all pupils having enjoyable experiences in a wide range of sports within school and across the wider community as we celebrate both participation and the attainment of students.

Lessons are not only purposeful but exciting, and that inspires a love for PE and a love for learning. Our PE staff are role models for students and strive to role model leading healthy and active lifestyles. PE is at the heart of Westhoughton High School, with our enrichment and extracurricular opportunities offering a rich diet to engage students’ wider interests. Participation rates at extracurricular clubs are outstanding and pupils are proud to be part of the Westhoughton Team.

Our aim is to provide pupils with the opportunity to get involved in alternative sports alongside traditional sports. It is an opportunity to extend learning, enjoy recreational time with others and to compete against others at the highest possible level. This includes netball, football, swimming, boxing, gymnastics, rugby, dance, and fitness, to name a few… but we are constantly looking to evolve and remain inclusive to all.

Please see parental overview of the courses in KS3 and KS4 below.

PE KS3 Roadmap

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Links for support/help at home

  • Following of our WHS PE department Twitter for participation in sports challenges
  • Building upon interests that form throughout the topics studied by practising more at home
  • Joining local teams within a set sport(s)
  • Ensuring correct kit is brought to school
  • Use of YouTube tutorials for further practice on skills covered
  • Participation within national competitions promoted by the PE Department via social media/posters
  • Participating in enrichment opportunities and clubs at lunch and after school