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Business Studies

Business is a major part of everyone’s’ life and anybody who has a good understanding of how businesses work is at an immediate advantage in the future. Students will learn how to identify business opportunities, show enterprise and be able to put ideas into practice to ensure an effective business start-up whilst also understanding and appreciating the wider economic context.

Students explore the challenges of growth to businesses and study real life examples and case studies to learn how daily decisions by a business affect the lives of its staff, customers and other stakeholders. Students will learn about marketing, meeting customer needs, the skills of effective financial management, the responsibilities of managing people in the workplace and business’s obligations in terms of ethics and the environment. They will further develop their analytical and comprehension skills as well as the ability to make decisions, recommendations and judgements. Business Studies increases confidence and prepares students to participate in an ever evolving workplace, be it working for a business or perhaps starting their own.

I think it’s important to remember all the things you have done and all you have achieved and to accept not everything goes your way all the time. A mistake is only a problem when it stops you in your tracks and prevents you from achieving what you want to do. Battle on, is my motto!” Karren Brady

Please see parental overview of the course in KS4 below.

Links for support/help at home:

  • Use of student resources located within WHS SharePoint for students
  • Use of online platforms such as Youtube for podcasts and revision of key content
  • Use of additional homework booklets, therapy work packs and/or additional resources from the class teacher via Synergy
  • Wider reading: revision guides or further research on selected areas and business content
  • Wider reading: blogs and online articles/further reading on topics and studies outlined
  • Teacher discussions following assessments and/or reports
  • Encourage the participation in enrichment and revision workshops
  • Develop own projects and business plans using learning from lessons