While in school and outside in the community all students must wear school uniform in the acceptable way, which promotes the school positively to our visitors and the wider community.

We are proud of our students and we believe that our uniform has helped to improve and expand academic excellence in the following ways:

  • Instilling students with discipline.
  • Helping parents and students resist peer pressure.
  • Helping students concentrate on their school work because they are dressed for learning.
  • Encouraging an improvement in student behaviour through a greater sense of school unity and identity.

We therefore expect all students to wear their uniform with pride, whether they are in school or outside in the community as they travel to and from school. In short, they should be ‘dressed for learning’ as they are representative of our school community.

Our students, therefore, whether they are in school or outside in the community, must wear school uniform in the acceptable way:

  • Shirts should be tucked into skirt or trousers at all times.
  • The stripes and badge on the tie should be worn below the tie knot.
  • The blazer is a compulsory item and should be worn at all times.
  • The V-neck jumper is optional and may be worn during cold weather beneath the blazer.
    Note: Only the school shirt and jumper may be worn beneath the blazer
  • Sensible black shoes without markings or brand names. Shoes should be full and cover the whole foot with a sturdy sole for health and safety reasons.
  • Brown shoes, trainers, ankle boots, ‘slipper shoes’ (with no backs) are NOT allowed.
  • Outdoor coats should be navy blue or black, without brand names.
  • Hat/hoods or hooded-tops and leisurewear are not permitted. Such items are not outdoor coats and should not be worn.
  • Nail polish, acrylic and false nails are not permitted.
  • Fashion scarves and accessories are not part of our school uniform.
  • Scarves which are prescribed as part of religious dress may be worn as deemed appropriate.
  • Students may wear one stud in each ear and a wristwatch. No other jewellery is acceptable e.g. no hanging or loop earrings or other piercings are permitted.
  • Hair extensions, extreme hairstyles and unnatural coloured hair is not permitted.
  • Make-up is NOT allowed.
  • No caps.
  • Non – uniform, ‘own clothes rewards days’, we expect our students to dress modestly (eg no shorts or low cut tops) and appropriately for a school environment.
Our uniform consists of the following items:

Sensible black shoes without markings or brand names. Shoes should be full and cover the whole foot with a sturdy sole for health and safety reasons.

  • Navy blue school blazer, badged (compulsory)
  • Navy blue school tie, with stripes worn below the knot:

September 2020

Year 7 = Gold Stripe
Year 8 = Green Stripe
Year 9 = Blue Stripe
Year 10 = Red Stripe
Year 11 = White Stripe

September 2021

Year 7 = White Stripe
Year 8 = Gold Stripe
Year 9 = Green Stripe
Year 10 = Blue Stripe
Year 11 = Red Stripe

All Students

  • Plain white school shirt (tucked in to skirt/trousers)
  • Navy blue V-necked jumper with school logo (Optional item)
  • Plain black or white socks
  • (Girls) Plain black tights

To go with these:


  • Mid-grey tailored school knee-length wide-pleated skirt or mid-grey straight tailored school trousers, which must have:
  • A front zip fastening
  • A waistband


  • Charcoal grey or black school tailored trousers

PE/Games Kit

Jewellery must not be worn during PE lessons


  • Polo Shirt – Navy/Sky Blue with Badge
  • Shorts – Navy Blue with Badge or/ Leggings – Navy Blue with WHS branding
  • Socks – Navy/Sky Blue Top or/ plain trainer socks
  • Swimsuit – One Piece, Navy Blue Preferred
  • Trainers – Any Colour
  • Towel – Any Colour
  • Track Suit – Navy with School Badge (optional)


  • Polo Shirt – Navy/Sky Blue with Badge
  • Shorts – Navy Blue with Badge
  • Socks – Navy/Sky Blue Top
  • Swimming Shorts – Navy Blue Preferred
  • Trainers – Any Colour
  • Towel – Any Colour
  • Track Suit – Navy with School Badge (optional)
  • Rugby Jersey – Navy/Sky Blue with Badge (optional)

Uniform Suppliers

Whittakers Schoolwear
106 Deansgate, Bolton. BL1 1BD. Tel: 01204 389485

Smart Clothing
Units 5, 6 & 7 Black Horse Street, Bolton, BL1 1SY. Tel: 01204 392610

Andrew Leach Sports & Schoolwear
78-80 Lee Lane, Horwich BL6 7AE. Tel: 01204 697624

Rainbow Uniforms
87-89 Bradshawgate, Leigh. WN7 4ND. Tel: 01942 609447

BL5 Uniform Shack
70 Market Street (Westhoughton market​), Westhoughton, Bolton. BL5 3AZ Tel: 07530 382973

Acceptable and Unacceptable Uniform

While it is easy to ensure that specific uniform items such as the blazer, jumper and tie which carry logos are as expected, items that can be purchased from a range of high street stores are more difficult to standardise. Sometimes students arrive in school wearing inappropriate skirts (length or without pleats), or shoes which they have purchased from uniform sections of high street stores but which are not in line with our uniform policy. Our uniform policy is well documented, both on our website and in the student planner; however the following document has been produced to assist parents/carers in making appropriate choices.

We would ask our parents/carers to please take time to look through the following pictures to clarify what is acceptable and unacceptable in terms of styles of shoes and skirts. While this list does not cover every possible style, hopefully it will be of help in providing a better idea of what is acceptable. If in any doubt, please contact your child’s Student Support leader to clarify before making purchases.

Shoes: The following examples show what types of shoe styles are acceptable and suitable to be worn with school uniform. They should be entirely black and leather or a leather style in appearance. They should not have any logos or writing on them. Canvas shoes, high heels and boots are not permitted.

Shoe examples offered as a guide – no brand names, logos or canvas shoes or boots or ankle boots etc are allowed.

Skirts should be knee length and certainly no more than 5cm above the knee. They should be loose fitting and have a boxed pleat. NB Skirts in all waist sizes and in all lengths are available through our suppliers – please refer to your child’s Student Support leader if you are experiencing difficulty in sourcing the correct length of school skirt.

Please see our Acceptable and Unacceptable Uniform policy.