Westhoughton News

Information Regarding Uniform

At the start of the new term, I would like to take the opportunity to remind you of our uniform policy, which is also outlined on our website and in the student planner.  As you are aware, at Westhoughton High School we insist on high standards of uniform and we insist that all students are ‘dressed for learning’.

Visitors to our school and members of the local community often complement our students on the high standard of uniform and we believe it helps to instil our students with a sense of pride, both in themselves and in our school.  

Should your child not be wearing the correct school uniform, a sanction will be imposed.  I really appreciate your support on this matter. 


With regards to footwear, we are aware that many shoe manufacturers are now producing trendy hybrid type footwear and marketing them as ‘school shoes’ which makes it difficult determining what is acceptable for school.In order to assist you in the selection of acceptable footwear, please refer to the examples shown as a visual guide. It is impossible to provide a complete list but black trainers (e.g. Adidas Flux, Nike Air Max, Huarache), Converse or plimsoll type footwear and sports branded items are not acceptable.  


Trousers for boys and girls must be tailored; fashion styles are not permitted nor are denim fabrics.Please be aware that, whilst high street shops may advertise both skirts and trousers as school wear, many styles do not meet our uniform standards. Skirts must have a boxed pleat and must be knee length. 

Blazers & school jumpers

The school blazer is a compulsory item of uniform. In colder weather, your child may require a coat for walking to and from school. The school jumper may be worn in addition to the blazer – this is an optional item. Please note that leisure tops and hooded tops must not be worn to school either over or under the blazer.  These items of leisurewear are not part of our school uniform.  

Make-up, Piercings and Jewellery

May I take this opportunity to remind you that we do not allow make-up, jewellery, nail varnish or acrylic nails. If your child already has an ear piercing, only one small plain stud can be worn in each earlobe.  Under no circumstances are any other body piercings allowed e.g. nose studs, tongue studs or additional ear piercings.

If you are unsure about any item of uniform, please contact the school for advice. 

Yours faithfully

Mr P J Hart