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Roller Coaster Challenge

For the past few years, the large multinational company Siemens has held an engineering and design competition at the University of Manchester which is open to KS3 students all across the northwest.

The concept of the competition is to design and build your own working miniature roller coaster with limited resources. This year we have had 2 teams consisting of 6 year 9 students per team, who have been attending the roller coaster club after school every week since Easter.

When building their roller coasters, the teams have had to calculate the cost of building and running the roller coaster, along with ensuring they have original concepts and that they are both entertaining and functional.

All of the students have had the opportunity to work along side a PhD and graduate student at the University of Manchester to ensure both the engineering and Science aspects of roller coasters is fully understood.

The students have had a fantastic time building their roller coasters and are eager to present them at the final competition tomorrow at the University of Manchester, where both the BBC and Siemens will be filming on the day.