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Westhoughton News

Power cut 19-3-19

We would like to thank our families and community for their patience during the power cut yesterday. The school is being powered today by a large generator which was installed late last night.

Our Site Team worked tirelessly throughout the day and until 11pm last night to ensure that we have power in the school and are safe to be open today. The students’ safety and wellbeing is our priority, and the generator has meant we have had to rearrange some of our site to accommodate the extensive cables into our main electricity room.

As soon as we were certain the generator was safely installed and working, at approximately 10pm last night, we sent messages out to make parents/carers aware we would be open. It was vital that we communicated the correct information to our families.

As you can see from photos below, it was not an easy task or an easy fix. Electricity Northwest are on site today and have found the fault on the line. They are currently in the process of fixing it, and we will send any further updates needed in due course.