Westhoughton News

New Catering company starting after half term!

From June 2019 we will be joining with our new catering partner, Aspens, who are a leading education catering specialist, currently operating services in over 440 schools and colleges across the United Kingdom.

Their teams of expert chefs and managers will be supporting our catering team in delivering a brand-new range of appealing food and drink at breakfast, break and lunchtime, all at the current pricing levels.

As our school continues to grow, it is important that we continue to provide high quality food with a good selection of choices; with food that is not only nutritious but keeps students coming back for more - and all at affordable prices! Refurbishment of the catering areas, with new initiatives to further reduce queue times, are a high priority.

All of our menus will continue to be fully compliant with the government’s School Food Plan, and Aspens will ensure that all students have a popular, healthy and affordable choice every day, with options to meet the needs of all age groups, those with vegetarian/vegan diets, and those with notified special dietary requirements.

Further information on the menus and a full list of meal and item prices will be available after half term on our school website.

If you currently provide food from home for your child, this is the ideal time to consider a school meal as an alternative, as we know that the new menus and systems will be popular with students and offer you good value for money.

We operate a cashless catering system and if you do not currently use this method of payment, please contact the school for further information.

For students entitled to free school meals there will be no change to the current arrangements and the daily allowance will continue to be automatically credited to each student’s account.

We have planned extensively for the new school meals arrangements; however, as with all major new initiatives and changes in school, we do ask for your patience and support in making this transition as successful as possible