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Coronavirus - Guidance and advice


Updated – 10/03/20

Westhoughton High School has a duty of care to all its students, staff and our wider community.  We are following the advice given out by the Department for Health and Social Care and Public Health England.  We are monitoring all advice and guidance and will keep this page updated on a regular basis.

Over the next week all students will be given information in assembly about the Coronavirus and about the importance of good hygiene.  Students should not worry as it appears that the young are the least vulnerable age group.  It is important though for them to take precautions so that they do not pass infection to people who may be more affected.

Where can I find more information about Coronavirus?

The best way to find out about the Coronavirus and the government’s response is to Click here 



Is school open? 

Yes.  The current advice from Public Health England is that there is no need to close educational settings or send other learners or staff home. School is fully open for all year groups.

School events and trips

At present, there is no guidance that states that school events and sporting fixtures should be postponed or cancelled.   We are obviously reviewing the situation closely and will update parents and students if any advice changes.

During events such as Parents evenings we are ensuring adequate handwashing facilities are available to allow staff, parents and visitors to practise good hygiene. We are also welcoming visitors warmly but without a handshake at the moment.

What if one of my child’s family or close friends is diagnosed with Coronavirus?

If someone in your immediate social circle (i.e. close friends and family) is diagnosed with Covid-19, please seek medical advice by contacting NHS 111 before sending your child to school. Please follow the advice that you are given and let us know so that we can also seek professional advice regarding the possible implications for our school.

What can I do? 

Personal hygiene is the most important way we can tackle COVID-19, especially washing hands more; and the catch it, bin it, kill it strategy for those with coughs and sneezes. 

If you are concerned that any members of your family have symptoms linked to the Coronavirus, follow Public Health England guidance and call NHS 111.

Keep school informed if there is anything that you think we should know about.