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Performing Arts

Within our Performing Arts department, we aim to develop a love of performance and an appreciation of the work of others within the subjects of Drama and Music. Students study both subjects at KS3 and can opt to master the skills and techniques of the subjects further at KS4. The Performing Arts strive to deliver access to opportunity to develop skills that students will need within the subject respectively but also that will serve them far beyond the classroom.

Please see parental overview of the courses in KS3 and KS4 below.


The Drama curriculum has been designed to engage and motivate students to achieve with performance whilst appreciating the opinions and approaches of those around them and of those of other cultures within our world. It challenges our students to think differently about the world around them and gives them a chance to explore these differences expressively. Students are required to create work, perform work and evaluate work which will allow them to become active and purposeful citizens of both within our community and the world as a whole. Students are expected to articulate and present their ideas with confidence which prepares them for the working world.

Within Drama, we proudly showcase each voice, each viewpoint and provide a safe platform for students’ expression and individuality. We develop student expertise in spoken language and listening skills in-line with the national curriculum in English to reinforce and strengthen the spoken and written word through performance developing the key skills and competences which are:

  • the core skills and values of leadership, confidence, teamwork, communication and problem-solving
  • The basic skills of performing – Use of voice, body language and facial expressions
  • using Standard English confidently in a range of formal and informal contexts, including classroom discussion
  • improvising, rehearsing and performing play scripts
  • expressing their own ideas and keeping to the point
  • participating in structured discussions, summarising and/or building on what has been said
  • embeds verbal use of self and peer feedback which students master over the course of the curriculum.

Drama Course Content


Within our music curriculum our aim is to develop a love of music that inspires creativity and opens opportunities beyond the classroom. Within music, we aim to increase the self-confidence of all students and instil a sense of achievement from developing an understanding of the genres within music all the way through to the mastery of instrumental performances, with opportunities to perform throughout the school year. Empowering students to explore the universal language of music through the musical elements, instruments and technology, enables them to appreciate how music is created, communicated and received. Through opportunities to express their own musical identity our young people develop skills in both teamwork and independence and grow in the confidence needed to develop their own creativity and musical expression

Music ensures that out students develop the key skills and competences which are:

  • Develop knowledge, understanding, and an appreciation of music
  • Improvise, compose and listen to music
  • Explore cultures, musical genres and traditions
  • Play with accuracy & expression as soloists and as part of an ensemble
  • Develop knowledge of and an ability to use notation

Music Course Content

Extracurricular clubs are further opportunities for our students to develop their performance skills and showcase their talent. Clubs include a choir for all age groups, a band group and Year group drama clubs which support further development and skill acquirement for our students. Full school productions are run twice a year at Christmas and during the summer term to encourage and foster as love of performing within our school community. Theatre and musical trips are also held to enable our students to experience the arts in practice and work alongside others from outside our school population sharing a passion for performance.